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Ignore CSS when in layout view

  • Ignore CSS when in layout view
  • Hi There,

    I would like to ignore my theme CSS when switching into the layout view of a template. The reason for this is that I limit my header to a certain height, what happens then is that the layout controls gets stacked on on top of another and I can't edit the properties of the control at the bottom becuase the edit button is not visible. Is this in anyway possible?

    Jean Erasmus
  • Yeah, I always do somewhat custom CSS for the designer

    If you inspect the html, the BODY tag should have a class of something like sfPageEditor or something (I dont have an instance here to check atm)

    So then just override\fix the styles you want to be different based off of that!


    Current Style:
       height: 200px;

    //so we want to hide it in the designer
    .sfPageEditor .header

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for pointing me into right direction, much appreciated.

    Jean Erasmus