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Unable to edit/change an image once it has been added to image library

  • Unable to edit/change an image once it has been added to image library
  • Basically the problem I'm having is I need to upload an image to an image library and have it overwrite an existing image. Intead Sitefinity adds a bunch of letters and numbers to the name of the image and treats it as a new image.

    1. I uploaded our logo to an image library.
    2. I then added the image to a page using the out of the box image widget.
    3. I then made a small change to the orginal logo in Photoshop.
    4. I then re-uploaded the image to Sitefinity.
    5. I now have 2 copies of the logo in the image library and the page is still using the old image.

    What is the best way to change/edit an image that has already been uploaded to an image library and placed on a page? 

    Currently, every time I need to re-edit an image I am having to do the following:
    1. Delete the image widget from all of the pages that are using it.
    2. Delete the image from the image library
    3. Upload the newly edited image to the image library.
    4. Add the image widget back to all of the pages that need it.

  • 309984_Replace-image.jpg
    Hello David,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik support.
    There is a functionality in Sitefinity which allows you to replace an existing image with another one and is designed exactly for cases like the one you described.

    To use this functionality:
    1) Go to Content> Images and select the image you want to replace
    2) Open the image to edit it. Right under the image you will notice a button named Replace image (see the attached screenshot)
    3) Click the Replace image button to select another image then Save

    Hopefully the image will be replaced everywhere.

    Please try this and let me know if it works.

    the Telerik team
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