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RadTabStrip sub menu is hidden

  • RadTabStrip sub menu is hidden
  • I've got a requirement for a client in which their sub navigation is horizontal and remains visible even after the top page is selected. After some experimentation and research it seems the best navigation component to use is the Horizontal With Tabs (RadTabStrip) option.

    Unfortunately, the 2nd level (sub menu) is appearing behind the DIV container below it. Can someone guide me with some options that brings the 2nd level menu to the forefront?

    I've attached two images for reference: one shows the RadTabStrip menu with the 2nd level appearing behind the DIV below it and the other shows the desired effect. Ignore the styling on the first image. I'm just trying to get this to work and then I'll focus on making it look like the desired image.


  • Seems setting the Z-Index solves it.