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Explain template language synchronization?

  • Explain template language synchronization?
  • Can someone explain the idea with template language synchronization?

    Is this not just the same as using only one template without any other language versions?

    I find it both confusing and frustrating.

    Is there a way of unsyncing the templates?

    Template versioning and copying MUST be en the next relase... Templates is a huge timeconsumer...

  • Hello Mutantmannen,

    The concept of template localization is slightly different from the one that applies to pages. As you probably know, stopping synchronization is possible for pages, but it is not an option when  creating multilingual templates. There's actually no need of such option, since you can easily switch to 'page-split' mode on any stage of the life cycle of your page. Now your other question:
    Is this not just the same as using only one template without any other language versions?
    It's similar, but not the same. If you use a template that doesn't have different language versions there is a possibility that content from one language might appear on a page with different language translation. The best approach would be to use multilingual templates.
    As for your suggestion, we are constantly trying to meet our clients' expectations, so we encourage you to share your views and ideas with us. If you have any recommendations on how the page should behave when you restore its template version in different stages of its life cycle, we'll make sure to take them into consideration.

    Jen Peleva
    the Telerik team
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