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Content block with separate title?

  • Content block with separate title?
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    We have a lot of "pods" like the item attached. Generic content, with a "title" property. In the attached image, you'll see one of our Sitefinity 3.7 "genericContentPod" controls. The "Program Guide" text is from a PodTitle property of the genericContentPod, control, and the inner content, "There are two ways..." + buttons, is HTML entered into a Sitefinity generic content web control that exists in the genericContentPod usercontrol we created.

    What would be the best approach to replicate this in Sitefinity 4.4? We'd like to retain the ability for our marketing team to drag a "pod" on to the page, and edit the content and title.

    Thanks in advance!

    Michael Snyder
    Manager of Public Website Development, Connections Education

  • IMO...custom layout control :)

    As I see it, two options:
    1) Custom layout control is your "Pod" that's fully styled and contains two for the title, one for the content.  They'd then drag a "Content Widget" into the title placeholder and insert the text for the title that way.  Also drag a Plus side is it makes it SUPER flexible...(you could also make a custom "Pod Title" widget and have them drag that into the title)

    2) Create a custom Widget and designer that has Title and content edit fields...way more work since you'd have to do the custom designer, content pickers, etc...
  • Hello Michael,

    Steve is right suggesting these two options. The best solution would be to create a custom widget with custom .ascx template. You can expose two properties to it - for title and description. It is not absolutely necessary to create your own designer - if you do not attach a custom designer Sitefinity will display the default property editor grid (the one that you see when editing a widget and clicking on the Advanced button). This editor will allow you to enter the needed values for the widget.

    All the best,
    Lubomir Velkov
    the Telerik team
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  • Thanks Steve! I found these two references which I'll include here so others won't have to hunt them down.