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How to share css files in theme?

  • How to share css files in theme?
  • Is it possible to make theme and share common css and images like example: all web sites will use this one theme App_Themes/My Theme/common/style.css
    and for arabic web site i can include also this one
    App_Themes/My Theme/rtl/style.css

  • Hello Renatas,

    When you create a multilingual template all language versions are automatically synchronized, but you are still able to set different themes to them. So what you need to do is register both your Arabic theme and the theme used by all other languages, and then set them to their corresponding templates/pages.

    Jen Peleva
    the Telerik team
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  • Dear Renates

    I usualy go about this the following way.
    All CSS that are comon to all themes are placed in a
    Then I add the css to my .master page (I allways have on .master page made up in visual studio to add stuff like this or scriptmanager.

    Then I have
    And set the rest where the themes differ.

    You might have to use !important on some of your styles in the div.css if you have set them also in ~/css/common.css

    Give it a try.