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Possible jQuery conflict

  • Possible jQuery conflict
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    Hey guys...I have got a jQuery statement that stuffs some rotating text out of an XML source onto our pages. (It's pretty simple, just one line: jQuery(document).ready(insertSnippet);)

    It works GREAT when browsing live pages, but it seems to ALSO be stuffing the text at the very top of our backend Sitefinity edit screen for these pages.  (But, weirdly, NOT the template they live inside of.)  

    I'm new to SF, new-ish to jQuery.  Is this a jQuery conflict? You can see an illustration of what I mean, below.  I just wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue?
  • Amy,

    It looks like you might have a content placeholder in the <head> of your master page. If so, you can usually remove it. That probably won't fix the main issue but at least your page editor will go back to normal.

    After that's taken care of, we can tackle the content insertion thing. By the way, do you mind posting the jQuery code up? It could simply be an issue with the selector being used to target your...target. :)

  • Hey, thanks Tim - 
    I did indeed have a content placeholder in the head of the master page.  I removed it and reconfigured some of the included code, and it behaves MUCH better now.

    I can't thank you enough!!!