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SF 4.4: css font styles vs. font toolbar?

  • SF 4.4: css font styles vs. font toolbar?
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    In Sitefinity 4.4 (and the coming 5.0), is there a way to disable/remove the font related toolbars and instead provide our own css font styles?

    Please see attachment for clarification.

  • Hey Gregory,

    Sure there is - have you checked out the documentation on this? 

    You basically go to Admin>>Settings>>Text Editor and click on Edit for the 'Default tool set' and remove the ones you don't like. Underneath the </tools> you can then add sections for paragraphs or link to an external cssFile which contains the specific classes you'd like...

    For instance:
        <paragraph name="Normal" value="<p>" />
        <paragraph name="<H1>Heading 1</H1>" value='<H1 class="heading_blue">' />
        <item name="~/Sitefinity/WebsiteTemplates/TemplateName/App_Themes/ThemeName/CSS/RadEditorStyles.css" />

    and then your css would contain something like:

    If you want to know the exact details/options you might want to checkout the RadEditor documentation.