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Responsive Design with RadRotator?

  • Responsive Design with RadRotator?
  • I've been working toward a fluid design which scales nicely from 1140 down to 480px.
    Everything is working nicely with a static banner image added via the image widget.
    If I use the ImageRotator widget (found in the Marketplace), it is using the RadRotator which is giving me inline styles of pixel defined width and height of my image... which effectively breaks most of my fluid design.
    I tried creating custom template for the ImageRotator and put Width="100%" on the image, but the actual div with the RadRotator class still comes up with Style="width:1140px;height:110px;", presuming generated by the script.

    Anyone dealt with this before? At this point, I can't see a solution other than creating a new widget with jQuery that gives a similar result.
  • Could you override the inline style with !important?