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  • For anyone interested this post instructions are for changing the ListView which inherits from MasterListView. The TitlesDatesSummariesListViewCustom sample is the template only and inherits from UserControl. It should be mapped as shown in this blog post if you want it to just apply to a single widget. If you want the new template to apply to all instances of a particular content type, then you create a new ViewMap as discussed here.

    As for the Pager, you don't have to make your own Pager class to change the way it looks. There are properties for showing Prev/Next (ShowPrevAndNext) and First/Last (ShowFirstAndLast) buttons.

    <sf:Pager id="pager" runat="server" ShowFirstAndLast="true"></sf:Pager>
    Also, take a look at this blog post for changing the look of the Pager using CSS.