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Theme randomly not working

  • Theme randomly not working
  • Just got SF 5.x and have my designer working on a new theme.  He recently completed the theme and I was logging on to check the progress.  To my surprise the screen looked like this 

    It looked like all the CSS was stripped out and nothing was rendering.  I checked it on another computer and it was the same, nothing.  I then went to my Mac and checked it and it was fine.  Then tried my iPad and it looked fine. My iPhone on the other hand looked blank like the other PCs.  I switched the iPhone to 3G and it saw the site just fine!!!!  Im going insane!  What could this be?  Any ideas out there?
  • This happened to a couple of my sites as well after upgrading from 5.1 SP1 to SP2. All I could do was restore the DB.
  • Greg,

    I went to the page in the screenshot and saw some 404 errors regarding some of your css files. Layout.css, Treeview.css and Window.css aren't getting sent to the browser. extranetMainStyle2.css seems to be working though (...and seems to be where all the styling is coming from).
  • Has anyone found a solution for this? I'm having the same issue and it is looking for layout.css as well as window.css neither of which I use in my master page nor even have listed in my css load order xml file.