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Styling Navigation with two widgets on page

  • Styling Navigation with two widgets on page
  • I have two navigation widgets on one page.  The Main Nav has just the top level pages.  On all of the interior pages, a Sub Nav is placed vertically down the left side of the page, showing all pages under the selected Main Nav item.  I have rmSelected for the Main Nav styled to have a background color, and that works when I am on the top level page.  As soon as I select one of the pages off the Sub Nav, the background color on the selected Main Nav reverts back to the default.  Is there a way to keep the Main Nav selected item style after selecting a page from the Sub Nav?
  • Hey Steve,

    If you're using the default horizontal navigation option, and set it to 'Top level pages', the .rtSelected will still be applied when navigating child pages.

    If you're using the horizontal navigation with dropdowns option, you'll need to use the rmFocused class for the horizontal menu.