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Design breaking apart

  • Design breaking apart
  • Hi All,

    I was asked to step in and see about fixing the graphics on this page that appear to be repeating css backgrounds and problems with widths, etc. -- any ideas on where to start?  Seems the CMS won't allow me to do any code or template editing.

  • Marita,

    It looks like someone added one too many top level pages to the main navigation. Here are a few quick fixes...

    1. Remove one of the top level pages and add a link to it via a call out or something
    2. Reduce the size of the "spacer" image to something smaller

    BTW: I see that the site is built on Sitefinity 3.7 SP1 - Community Edition, I believe that there is supposed to be a Sitefinity logo on there somewhere ;)
  • Marita,

    If you wouldn't mind, could you please mark my answer as helpful?
  • Hi Tim,

    Easy solution!  I nested one of the main level nav buttons under another, and the template was restored.  Thank you!