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Change width of Rad Editor Snippet Drop Down

  • Change width of Rad Editor Snippet Drop Down
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    I have modified the ToolsFile.xml to include some code snippets that I need.  The issue I'm having is that the snippet titles are long and I would like to include icons next to the title.  I'm wanting to make the drop down wider to accommodation the longer titles and icon.  I can see the position of the drop down and the width are being written in-line.  I can use CSS to override this but I'm not sure where the CSS needs to go or is there a property in the tools file I can add to change this?

    Please see attachment.



  • Hey Matt,

    You can apply a different .skin file to the RadEditor (administration >> settings >> appearance) and change the option Rad Editors' skin to point from Sitefinity to your own .skin file.

    I've zipped up a copy of the Sitefinity skin and you can read more about tweaking a custom skin here.


  • Thanks Jochem, 

    This looks like exactly what I need. I actually just need to add one rule to Editor.Sitefinity.css to make the drop down wider.  I only have access to the back-end files through 'Administration > File Structure' in the web interface.  I don't believe I can access these files from there, can I?  I might have to have a developer who has the project locally make the change for me.