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Responsive Design Navigation Control - Links Are Not Clickable

  • Responsive Design Navigation Control - Links Are Not Clickable
  • I'm using Sitefinity 5.2 and the responsive design tools. For some of the main navigation areas we're currently using the Navigation widget and marking them as "horizontal".

    When these load into responsive size, they stack vertically (we may have helped them do that with some extra CSS), but they are not clickable through to the next page. This is true on iOS and Android devices.

    On iOS, tapping on a navigation link will visually change the link to an "active" state, but it doesn't leave the page. On Android, tapping a link doesn't change anything at all. And furthermore, when trying to swipe the page up (scrolling), if your finger first taps on a navigation link, it won't scroll the page, so you have to consciously avoid the navigation.

    Is anyone familiar with what's causing this? Mobile devices don't have Firebug, so we're scratching our heads a little on this one... We did add a background color to the actual <a> tags in the navigation, and on the devices, the full area was colored -- which means the links weren't collapsed...


  • I've hooked up an iPhone to developer tools on a Mac desktop, and I'm seeing that there is a script tag being added to the page with some Javascript that looks like this:

    function radMenuOnClick(sender, args)
        var state = args.get_item().get_attributes().getAttribute("ExpandOnClick");
        args.get_item().get_attributes().setAttribute("ExpandOnClick", "true")
    function radMenuOnOpening(sender, args)
        var state = args.get_item().get_attributes().getAttribute("ExpandOnClick");
        if(state != "true")
        args.get_item().get_attributes().setAttribute("ExpandOnClick", "false")

    My menu is just a plain horizontal menu with now I don't know if any of these "click" items are messing with mobile devices making them not work??


  • Dear Brandon

    Rumors has it that 5.4 will be out this week with new RadControl Versions were this problem is fixed.