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Help with designing a mobile site

  • Help with designing a mobile site
  • Hi everybody, I'm trying to adapt my website to be more friendly for mobile users on sitefinity 5.4. What we have in place at the moment is a redirect to an alternative site, but that's inconvenient because it means that we need to publish each bit of content twice. So we're trying to make our main site compatible with both high and low res screens.

    I know that SF has responsive design by making columns into rows when the resolution is smaill, and that works fine. However, the way our pages are laid out is as follows:

    [------------------Main menu-----------------]

    But what we want for the mobile site is as follows:
    [Main menu]

    Which means that some of the items will need to be reorganised.
    One solution I thought of was to have duplicates the items (such as the menu and navigation) above and below the content and then be made visible/invisible based on the width of the screen. Hoever. I feel that this would have an impact on SEO due to duplicate content, twice as many links etc.

    How can I solve this?
    -Marco M