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Resources for modifying and creating widget templates

  • Resources for modifying and creating widget templates
  • Hello everyone, I am a developer new to Sitefinity and trying to get up to speed on the product.   There is a lot to learn for sure.  My task at the moment, is to learn how to customize the existing widget templates and/or create new ones entirely from within the Sitefinity system, without writing code in Visual Studio.  Essentially, I want to understand how much can be done without resorting to coding and where that line is when coding is needed.  With that said, I'm having a difficult time finding resources that help me put the pieces together to get a good grasp on just the customization of existing widget templates and really being able to make any substantial changes to them in Design --> Widget Templates.   I've read the documentation (User, Designer, and Developer) but there doesn't seem to be a lot of detail that helps me get started.   Can you refer me to any good resources that really explains the ins and outs of the templates and would be good reference for getting started ?   Are there some good tutorials as well ?  I have read through quite a bit of information, but almost all of it is about writing custom code and I need to explore and understand how much I can do without resorting to that.   I would sure appreciate any guidance or information that you could offer.

    Thanks in advance -- Jeff Gaiche
  • Hi Jeff,

    The best place to start would be the Designer's Guide

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