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Horizontal Menu with Drop-downs and... IE8

  • Horizontal Menu with Drop-downs and... IE8
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    In the attached image the upper right arrow is pointing where the link is.  The lower left arrow is pointing out the fact that you can still access the links even though they're not visible to the eye.  I feel the issue has something to do with rmSlide element and the following rmVertical unordered list.  I can't figure out why the background and foreground colors of the elements aren't displaying.

    I can get them to display by hovering over the drop-down link and then zooming in or out of the browser.  It's like IE needs to re-render the links before displaying the styles.  I was wondering if any of you have experienced this issue and possibly have found a fix for it?  Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Hello Rob,

    That's a tough one, unfortunately we cannot reproduce your issue in Sitefinity 6.1. Did you upgrade to 6.1 from an older version? Because we have a new navigation widget and it looks you are using the old. You may try to switch to the new one and hopefully this issue is gone.
    If this issue still exists can you make your website accessible for us so we can see it ? or can you upload it to the fallowing FTP:

    Set FTP in Active Mode!
    IP address:
    Username: RobDukarski728864
    Password: Sg[0S08V3r8

    To me it sounds like a small CSS issue... I am guessing that the IMAGE which you have on top is hiding the links... I guess that if you put for the navigation links a css rule to make the z-index bigger. Can you try to set the z-index of the image smaller then the z-index on the div containing the menu ?  I hope this will fix the issue.

    Nayden Gochev
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