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Theme not showing for other users

  • Theme not showing for other users
  • Hey I am creating a website with a small group of developers.

    I have registered 2 themes (one in Sitefinity's advanced settings and the other time doing it in VS and using sitefinity thunder)

    My question is how come neither of the other 2 users can see my registered themes.  They have the files on there computer through source control. If I make a new page or change the master page it shows the changes right away for them.  But when they go into the advanced settings frontend themes they still only see the basic and not the 2 I created.

    Please help. Thanks
  • Hey Jochem and Jonathan,

    Thanks I got that file included in source control. 
    And it worked perfectly.

    Thanks guys sorry for the trouble
  • Hey Patrick,

    Have you checked wether appearanceconfig.config is in source control?

    Yours has a section like this:
      <add path="~/App_Data/Sitefinity/WebsiteTemplates/Lorem/App_Themes/Lorem" name="Lorem" />

    Which basically 'registers' the theme with Sitefinity, they're probably lacking that file.
  • Patrick,

    Jochem makes a good point!  We work in group environments as well, sometimes when this happens the other developers might just need to build or bump the web.config for recompile
  • Hey Patrick,

    Glad to hear you got it resolved.

    Make sure you agree on the other .config files in the \App_Data\Sitefinity\Configuration folder as well so you won't run into other env incompatibilities or whether you rather keep them out in development and just use one master dev to merge what's ready to move to the next stage.