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Issues with changing Class in Layout view of a Template

  • Issues with changing Class in Layout view of a Template
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    I'm having issues when I'm creating templates I can't change the classes to custom ones (in the layout mode) without the interface crashing. Is it because I am using a trial version, is it something that is locked out?

    Have attached an image below.
  • Hey Andy,

    If you're on 6.2.4900, you should update to version 6.2.4910 - there was a Chrome/IE bug while Firefox page editing worked fine. If that's not the case, have you tried setting the theme back to 'basic' and then try changing the class names of the regions?

    If that doesn't work, you've must have received a JS error in Firebug or Chrome console. Most likely cause jQuery either not being 1.8.3 or loaded twice.

    If not a JS error, and when you set the page to 'basic' theme, it's most likely caused by the fact some of your theme classes are interfering. By default it's always best to scope your styles to not be be global, but against the <div id=''PublicWrapper'> 

    As you can see in the screenshot, the top right Sitefinity label 'Edit layout element' is taking on your <h1> style definition, maybe some others are bleeding out as well.

  • Hey Andy/Jochem,

    Did you get this resolved?   I am experiencing the same issue I am using the latest 6.2.4910
     (not with a trial version).  I have tried disabling all custom CSS and Script with no difference and of course no errors which makes it hard to debug.

  • I have upgraded my site to 6.3.5000.0 and it is no longer experiencing this issue. It seems that 6.3 has fixed the bug.