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  • I created a new content type that contains a classification field based on categories. In the list view, I know I can administratively pre-filter the list contents before it is displayed. What would be the best approach to presenting the user with the list of categories for them to dynamically filter the list?

    To clarify: I know you can just add a categories widget to filter that way. I'm wondering about something more dynamic, as in without the page reloading.

    Thanks for any insights!
  • Hello,

    To filter the categories you need to use a HierarchicalTaxonomyControl, which renders a flat list of taxons.

    Here is some information regarding the control: HierarchicalTaxonomyControl was implemented with the sole purpose to be used in sitefinity backend. In sitefinity backend it represent the categories selector in News,blogs, events modules. It lacks implementation for rendering at the frontend because of this.

    Stefani Tacheva
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