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  • Last weekend I have changed a dynamic module backend template because simply I needed to add a new widget to the page to filter the list of records.
    I did that using Jquery Magic however later I found that the data is returning correctly but its disconnected from the columns/fields arrangement. So for Ex. if I changed/added/edited/removed a field or even moved a column, it doesn't affect the listing page. The only way to fix that was to reset my dynamic module without loosing all the work done.
    Thanks for Vesselin Vasilev from sitefinity whom I've asked and he answered instantly by his recommendation of deactivating/activating the module. but I had a special case as it seems I was already have had ruined the backend template

    - Export the Whole module -->zip file
    - Delete the module
    - Import the module using this Zip file...

    Reset is done...cheers
  • Could you please share with me how do you customize the backend of a dynamic module? I'm trying to move out of our custom modules and into dynamic modules but we have a few customizations done by injecting some jQuery and now I need to figure out how to do that with dynamic modules as well...
  • Hello Wagner,

    When using the Module Builder to create dynamic modules, the back-end views are automatically generated and cannot point out to a custom templates and code-behinds as those created through code.
    However, you can customize them, as well, but in a different way. You can find more information how this can be done here.

    Nikola Zagorchev
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