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Handle Media Items from Custom Module

  • Handle Media Items from Custom Module
  • Hi all,

     Here is a tricky question for you Sitefinity Experts. Im a newbie so you probably can give me some hints on how to do this.

    Im creating a custom Module with the module builder. The content administrators will enter some fields like Title, Description, etc. There is another field, type Media (documents) which will actually be a zip file with some HTML content. I want to have that HTML content  available when the item is visited in the frontend. The idea is that clicking a button in the item details view, opens the index.html file inside that zip folder.

     Now, can this be done at all? how would you do it? Would you uncompress the files on the item creation/edition? would you do it on request? In any case, what would be the procedure to do this?

     Thanks for your help!