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Sitefinity 7: Enable language fallback for custom modules

  • Sitefinity 7: Enable language fallback for custom modules
  • This setting is available for the built-in content modules. For example, to enable this for the News module:

    Content > News > click on Settings in the right column > expand Controls > NewsFrontend > Views > NewsFrontendList > type "true" in the Item language fallback field (When in multilingual mode gets or sets whether items with no translation for the current language will be shown.)

    How can I apply such a setting for a custom  content type?

     Scenario: Contacts on a multilingual site should display in their native language on the corresponding language site and in English everywhere else. Contacts are a custom content type with names, bio, email, phone numbers etc. fields.

     Example: Our Managing Director in Japan is of Japanese nationality. His name, bio etc. should appear in Japanese on the Japanese language site. His name, bio etc. should appear in English on the US, French and German websites.

    Currently, to achieve this, I would need to add French and English "translations" of the content item which contain the English language version. With 300+ contacts and frequent title/bio updates, this is inefficient.

     How can I enable language fallback for selected custom content types?

  • Hello Andrei,

    You have this setting for any content type.

    To access this for your dynamic type, please browse Administration >> Settings >> Advanced >> DynamicModuels >> Controls >> YourType >> Views >> YourTypeBackendListView

    Here is also a video for your convenience.

    Hope this helps.

    Vassil Vassilev
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  • Thank you, this worked!

     I appreciate the screencast, too, made things crystal clear.

    Update: This worked in terms of letting me change the property of BackendListView.

     Unfortunately this is not a property which influences the behavior of the list on the front end. The property I need to change is FrontEndListView, and that property is not available in the settings. 

    Any ideas? 

  • I have the same requirement.

    I have a custom content type called properties on a multilingual site. Since the custom type has only street address, city etc, we don't have translations for them. So when I use the auto generated Properties widget, it doesnt show any items on the french page if I don't add translations. I want to add a similar fallback option.