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Hierarchical dynamic content filtering in feather designer

  • Hierarchical dynamic content filtering in feather designer
  • I have a module for Products.  It has a Product content type and also a ProductPromotion content type. I have made the Product content be the parent of the ProductPromotion.  I have a custom Product widget.  In the widget designer I have a selector to pick the desired product.  I now want to add a second selector that'll let me pick a ProductPromotion.  I have laid out the selectors however, I don't know how to limit the ProductPromotion selector to only display the items for the selected product/parent only.  As it is, it is displaying all ProductPromotions.

    <sf-list-selector sf-dynamic-items-selector sf-item-type="properties.ProductType.PropertyValue" sf-master="true" sf-selected-item-id="properties.ProductId.PropertyValue" sf-provider="properties.ProductProviderName.PropertyValue"/>
    <sf-list-selector sf-dynamic-items-selector sf-item-type="properties.ProductPromotionType.PropertyValue" sf-master="true" sf-selected-item-id="properties.ProductPromotionId.PropertyValue" sf-provider="properties.ProductProviderName.PropertyValue" />


    Ps: I don't have to use child content necessarily. I can have the product promotions be standalone content and use the related data field to associate a product to its promotions.  Either way would wold work as long as the second selection list can be limited to the promotions for the selected product in the designer.