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Dynamically filtering content on hierarchical categories

  • Dynamically filtering content on hierarchical categories
  • Our solution calls for a number of dynamic content items with a hierarchical category field containing any number of taxons.

    The hierarchical structure is separated into n category groups.  For example: Size Large, Medium, Small and Color Red Green Blue .

    The UI allows a user to select any number of these to filter the content. eg. Large + Red + Green should return anything Large & Red or Large & Green. The selected taxons are returned to the server as a 2D array of Guids (the above selection would be [[Large], [Red, Green]]).

    I have been able to filter by a single filter group, but when I try to add a second filter group no results are returned even though I have content that should fit the criteria. My code is:

    public JsonResult GetProducts(ProductListRequest request)
        var products = GetProducts();
        products = FilterProducts(products, request);
        var response = new ProductListResponse(request.Page, ProductsPerPage);
        response.AllProductsCount = products.Count();
        if (request.Page >= 0)
            products = products.Skip(request.Page * ProductsPerPage).Take(ProductsPerPage);
        response.Products = products;
        return Json(response);
    public static IQueryable<DynamicContent> GetProducts()
        DynamicModuleManager dynamicModuleManager = DynamicModuleManager.GetManager("OpenAccessProvider");
        Type productType = TypeResolutionService.ResolveType("Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.MyModule.Product");
        return dynamicModuleManager.GetDataItems(productType).Where(p => p.Status == ContentLifecycleStatus.Live);
    public static IQueryable<DynamicContent> FilterProducts(IQueryable<DynamicContent> products, ProductListRequest request)
        if (request.FilterList == null) return products;
        foreach (Guid[] filterlist in request.FilterList.Where(x => x != null))
            products = FilterByCategory(products, filterlist);
        return products;
    private static IQueryable<DynamicContent> FilterByCategory(IQueryable<DynamicContent> products, Guid[] categories)
        if (categories.Any())
            products = products.Where(p => p.GetValue<TrackedList<Guid>>("Category").Any(g => categories.Contains(g)));
        return products;


    Here is an example of a filter against 2 taxon groups which returns no results: 

    Extent<Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.MyModel.Product>().Where(re-p => (re-p.ApplicationName == OpenAccessProvider.ApplicationName)).Where(re-p => (Convert(Convert(Convert(Convert(Convert(Convert(Convert(re-p.Status))))))) == 2)).Where(re-p => re-p.FieldValue("Category").Any(g => value(SitefinityWebApp.MyApp.Products+<>c__DisplayClass3_0).categories.Contains(g))).Where(re-p => re-p.FieldValue("Category").Any(g => value(SitefinityWebApp.MyApp.Products+<>c__DisplayClass3_0).categories.Contains(g)))

    Please help me understand why this is not working.

  • Just an update. I have found that using the IEnumerable.Where() works, but the IQueryable.Where() does not. I am guessing this is a result of deferred execution, trying to mix the IEnumerable Guid[] with the IQueryable content collection. 

    I am not keen on the idea of resolving the IQueryable to an IEnumerable to get this to work, so I would be interested to learn if anybody has solved this in any other ways.