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Project Manager - Administration - Sql Error 26

  • Project Manager - Administration - Sql Error 26
  • Hello,

    i downloaded the SDK and try to create a new project 'Sitefinety_Test'. If i click on 'Browse', IE starts with a 'under construction'-page. If i click on 'Go to Admin..', IE starts and ask for the Sql Server Instance. After continue it allways crash with sql error 26.

    My machine is Vista 64 SP2 with 4 GB Ram. The DB is SqlServer 2008 R2 Express Edition with a named instance (i know, this may be a problem). It is configured with a fixed Port (1433); i configured several aliases with diferent protocols. With the Management Studio and with Visual Studio can i connect.

    I try Sql Server and Sql Server Express, always the same error.

    IIS 7.x is running, no vista firewall running, i stoped Kaspersky Internet Suite, no success.

    Any solution for this strange behavior?


  • Hi Patric,

    Please take a look at this post. The error is not related to the web server, it comes from your SQL server.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  • Hello Ivan,

    this was a very fast reply!

    I looked at this posts and several other posts in several forums, tried a lot possible solutions and found the solution with a simple ping to the servername!

    If i ping my machine 'PATRICT7400' the name was transformed to '' (some nasty domain add on). If i changed the named the connection from 'PATRICT7400\Sql_2k8_Exp' to '\Sql_2k8_Exp' all running fine.

    So i think it is a problem of the web server ( or some f*** DNS) not the Sql Server.
    What's realy strange, when i used the IP Adress i also got an error.

    Anyway, i'm happy that i can start testing your cms.