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Modules won't show in admin menu

  • Modules won't show in admin menu
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    Following the Jobs module example from the SDK I created a Migration module. I followed the steps in the video from this thread - only instead of "Jobs" everywhere I have "Migration". I attach a screenshot of my settings and you can download the Class Library project from here.

    I add a project reference from my main SF 4.0 project to the Migration project. When enter these settings, check the "Install" checkbox, restart the web server and start debugging the site I successfully hit a breakpoint set in the first line of public override void Install(SiteInitializer initializer). I track down the execution of Install and it completes successfully. I'm using the same Guids for landingPage and subPage as in the Jobs example but that's ok, because I don't have this module installed.

    But I still can't make the "Migration" menu item to show under the Content menu. I deleted my Temporary ASP.NET files, cleared the browser cache, restarted the computer twice and still nothing. I noticed that there are no records in sf_page_node and sf_page_data tables with id/content_id of 13FA3CB0-6F00-4DFB-A534-28EA60252A16 and A52C36E1-3D29-4F39-BB8D-BB1F064E556A, which should be the Guids of the backend pages. I don't know if this is important, but I'm using the built-in Cassini webserver.

  • Make sure you are checking the "Install" checkbox on the configuration screen. This is not listed in the documentation, but, it does need to be checked.
  • Hello,

    Yes, Install should be checked. Make sure that you have build the solution before all changes. Let me know if the problem still exist.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  • I did check the Install checkbox, that's why I hit the breakpoint in the void Install() method of my module. The module obviously installs, but won't show in the admin menu. I also cleaned and rebuilt the solution several times.

    Any other cache I'm not aware of that might need cleaning?
  • Not sure if it will help, but, you could also read this post, I had lots of problems with the install also:
  • Hello,

    Here is a sample code for a module that runs fine at my end. "Install" checkbox should be selected and application restarted. If the module do not appear after the first restart do a second or flush the site map, because we are creating a new node in navigation and the nodes could be still cached.

    class SampleModule : ModuleBase
           public override Guid LandingPageId
                   return SampleModule.landingPageId;                    
           public override Type[] Managers
                   return null;
           public override void Initialize(ModuleSettings settings)
           public override void Install(Telerik.Sitefinity.Abstractions.SiteInitializer initializer)
               var _SiteInitializerNode = initializer.PageManager.GetPageNode(SiteInitializer.ModulesNodeId);
               var _pageManager = initializer.PageManager;
               var sNode = _pageManager.GetPageNodes().Where(p => p.Id == nodeId).SingleOrDefault();
               if (sNode == null)
                   sNode = initializer.CreatePageNode(nodeId, _SiteInitializerNode);
                   sNode.Name = "IvanModule";
                   sNode.ShowInNavigation = true;
                   sNode.Attributes["ModuleName"] = "IvanModule";
                   sNode.Title = "IvanModule";
                   sNode.UrlName = "IvanModule";
               var id = landingPageId;
               var landingPage =
                   .SingleOrDefault(p => p.Id == landingPageId);
               if (landingPage == null)
                   var pageInfo = new PageElement()
                       PageId = landingPageId,
                       Name = "IvanModuleName",
                       MenuName = "IvanModuleMenuName",
                       UrlName = "IvanModuleUrl",
                       Description = "IvanModuleDesc",
                       HtmlTitle = "IvanModuleHtmlTitle",
                       IncludeScriptManager = true,
                       ShowInNavigation = false,
                       EnableViewState = false,
                       TemplateName = SiteInitializer.BackendTemplateName
                   var panel = new Literal();
                   initializer.CreatePageFromConfiguration(pageInfo, sNode, panel);
           public static readonly Guid landingPageId = new Guid("597E0C2B-F1D3-4386-BB7F-714C640573B3");
           public static readonly Guid nodeId = new Guid("006F8DC0-4576-43AB-BE64-544C21007852");

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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