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  • Hi,

    I'm sure you must be aware but if you create a form the database creates a table however string fields are created as an nvarchar and limited to 255 characters. This is also the case if i create the table using your Dynamic Data API (which I like btw, it will certainly help me port my Custom Form Builder module to Sitefinity 4). I hope you are planning to allow developers (and users of the Form Builder) to specify the max length of the string, don't won't form responses being cut short as this is presently the case. 

    On the plus side I think you guys have done a good job with the UI and the fact you have the administration pages editable in Sitefinity as well, looking forward to more Dynamic Data and a first class Newsletter module!

    Hi Shane,

    This has been already implemented. You can take a look at the attached video on how to achieve this. When you add fields to the form you should click edit go to Advanced, find the MetaField property and click it. From there you will be able to set the DBType and DBLength. Leaving the length field blank will create it for the maximum size.

    Radoslav Georgiev
    the Telerik team

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