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how to integrate telerik reporting in sitefinity 4.x

  • how to integrate telerik reporting in sitefinity 4.x
  • Hi Telerik Team

    i have made a telerik reporting program. which is generating reports from a diffrent database  and displaying it in a windows  form application. 

    now i want to integrate it in sitefinity  as a module

    please tell me how can i do this

    Navneet Tyagi
  • Hi Navneet,

    If this is a windows application the only way to populate some controls with data in Sitefintiy is by using a web service or WCF

    You could a take a look at our Jobs sample module included in the SDK package.

    Inside the module and its Install method you  need to create a new BackendContentView and initialize your own definition where you call the custom web service.


    public override void Install(SiteInitializer initializer)
              var pageManager = initializer.PageManager;
              var modulesNode = pageManager.GetPageNode(SiteInitializer.ModulesNodeId);
              var id = this.LandingPageId;
              var landingPage =
                  .SingleOrDefault(p => p.Id == id);
              if (landingPage == null)
                  var pageInfo = new PageElement()
                      PageId = this.LandingPageId,
                      Name = "CustomModule",
                      MenuName = "CustomModuleTitle",
                      UrlName = "CustomModuleUrlName",
                      Description = "CustomModuleDescription",
                      HtmlTitle = "CustomModuleHtmlTitle",
                      ResourceClassId = ResourceClassId,
                      IncludeScriptManager = true,
                      ShowInNavigation = false,
                      EnableViewState = false,
                      TemplateName = SiteInitializer.BackendTemplateName
                  var controlPanel = new BackendContentView()
                      ModuleName = CustomModule.ModuleName,
                      ControlDefinitionName = CustomModuleDefinitions.BackendCustomModuleDefinitionName
                  initializer.CreatePageFromConfiguration(pageInfo, moduleNode, controlPanel);


    public class CustomModuleDefinitions
          static CustomModuleDefinitions()
          internal static ContentViewControlElement DefineCustomModuleBackendContentView(ConfigElement parent)
              var backendContentView = new ContentViewControlElement(parent)
                  ControlDefinitionName = BackendCustomModuleDefinitionName,
                  ContentType = typeof(ModuleItem)
              MasterGridViewElement customModuleGridView = new MasterGridViewElement(backendContentView.ViewsConfig)
                  ViewName = CustomModuleDefinitions.BackendCustomModuleListViewName,
                  ViewType = typeof(MasterGridView),
                  AllowPaging = true,
                  DisplayMode = FieldDisplayMode.Read,
                  ItemsPerPage = 50,
                  ResourceClassId = typeof(CustomModuleResources).Name,
                  SortExpression = "Title ASC",
                  Title = "CustomModuleTitle",
                  SearchFields = "Title",
                  GridCssClass = "sfListViewGrid",
                  ClientMappedCommnadNames = customModuleClientMappedCommnadNames,
                  WebServiceBaseUrl = "~/Sitefinity/Services/Content/CustomModuleService.svc/"
              var externalScripts = new Dictionary<string, string>();
              externalScripts.Add("Telerik.Sitefinity.Samples.CustomModule.Web.Scripts.CustomModuleMasterGridViewExtensions.js, Telerik.Sitefinity", "OnMasterViewLoaded");
              customModuleGridView.ExternalClientScripts = externalScripts;

    Sincerely yours,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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