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Users with no access to the backend

  • Users with no access to the backend
  • Hi Telerik staff!

    We are currently working on a project for Sitefinity 4 where we are going to have a small group of administrators (5-10 users) who should have access to the Sitefinity CMS and a large group (several hundred) of registered users with no access to the CMS.

    We started the project in the alpha phase of SF 4, with no chance of knowing how the new license mode would turn out (as well as a few technical details ;) ) and ended up waaaayyyyy behind schedule (and are startled to read that sf4 is going to be released this week)

    So now we have to solve a problem with registered users (passive content users we need to manage, but do not use the cms or any of its functions).

    The users just log in on the frontend and are - depending on their role - presented with links to download files. The big question is now:

    In the comparison table on this site we see that the number of concurrent CMS users is limited in all but the most expensive licence for Sitefinity 4. Are these users with no access to the backend counting as "Concurrent CMS users" when they are logged in on the frontend? If so, that would be really bad news for us ...

    Best regards,
    David Knittl
  • Hello David,

    Concurrent CMS users are users which can access the backend. The limitation is valid only for users that can login through the backend login form. There is no restriction to the public users (public users should not have access to the backend.) that could be authenticated through Sitefinity. .

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  • Great! Thanks for the quick reply!