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Sitemapbase not working as expected

  • Sitemapbase not working as expected
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use the sitemapbase to get all of the child nodes of the root node. I would have presumed the root node was the home page. I would have also expected it to only return pages that have been published. The following simple line of code is returning all top level pages, including those that arent published and those that I have explicitly asked not to be shown in the navigation.

    SiteMapNodeCollection oNodes = SiteMapBase.GetCurrentProvider().GetChildNodes(SiteMapBase.GetCurrentProvider().RootNode);

    Am i doing something wrong?

  • Hello higgsy,

    You can use the fluent API to get pages with a given status.

    var pages = App.WorkWith().Pages().Where(page => page.ApprovalWorkflowState == "Draft").Get();

    You can use

    • Published
    • Draft
    • AwaitingApproval
    • Scheduled ( for content items)
    The methods you use does not have filters of the status.
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  • Ivan,

    Perfect - a quick follow up question. In 3.7 the root node was always the home page, so i could essentially get all child nodes of the home page. V4 seems to be different, therefore:

    - Which node is regarded as the root node
    - How would I extend the expression to get only top-level pages?

    Quick support - thanks alot.

  • Ivan,

    Think ive got it, unless you see a problem with it.

    var pages = App.WorkWith().Pages().Where(page => page.ApprovalWorkflowState == "Published" && page.ShowInNavigation == true && page.Parent == page.RootNode).Get();

  • Hello higgsy,

    If you want to get all pages on the front end you can use App.WorkWith().Pages().LocatedIn(PageLocation.Frontend), because App.WorkWith().Pages() allows you to get backend pages as well.

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  • Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for your response.

    Ok, are you therefore saying that we should no longer be using the sitemap for building navigation controls, as we did in v3.7? 3.7 only added a page to the sitemap once it was published.

    Finally, if we are not using the sitemap (which obviously has a nice hierarchical xml structure), how would I do the following:

    If I am on the page

    I need to get the highest node, which is not the root node. In the above example it would obviously be /services/

    Previously I have always used the following code (which just doesnt seem to work in V4):

    private SiteMapNode GetParentNode(SiteMapNode CurrentNode)
        SiteMapNode RootSiteMapNode = SiteMap.RootNode;
        SiteMapNode CurrentSiteMapNode = CurrentNode;
        //loop through all nodes until we reach the top level prior to the homepage node
        while (CurrentSiteMapNode.ParentNode != null && (SiteMapNode)CurrentSiteMapNode.ParentNode != RootSiteMapNode)
            bool test = ((SiteMapNode)CurrentSiteMapNode.ParentNode == RootSiteMapNode);
            CurrentSiteMapNode = CurrentSiteMapNode.ParentNode;
        return CurrentSiteMapNode;

    Thanks again

  • Hello higgsy,

    You can get the frontend root node

    var root = Config.Get<PagesConfig>().FrontendRootNode;
    var pgs = App.WorkWith().Pages().Where(pk => pk.Name == root).Get().SingleOrDefault() as PageNode;

    Then  you can get the actual current node

    var psn  = SiteMapBase.GetActualCurrentNode();
    var pgn1 = manager.GetPageNode(psn.Id);

    and look for its parent until you reach the root page node.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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