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Module Install and Uninstall Issues

  • Module Install and Uninstall Issues
  • Hi there,

    I had been looking forward to the Products Module sample for quite some time now. After playing with it over the weekend I'm still not able to get it to install and the only thing I have done is move it from the Samples folder to my project folder and updated the project file so it will compile, yet it still won't install. The documentation that comes with it (the word doc in the actual sample folder) covers a lot of the elements that make up the module but it doesn't cover anything at all about installing it.

    Another issue that could possibly be related was that I had started a product module from scratch but put that on hold when you announced that a sample Products module would be available with the release. The issue now is I have a "Products" item under the Content menu that doesn't work as I attempted to uninstall the previous module by hitting the delete (trash icon) next to my old module. It's now partially uninstalled, how can I get rid of this completely to ensure that it's not interfering with my new module?

    Any help and more detailed documentation would be greatly appreciated. I'd also love an answer on my previous post about the Products module and if it's actually complete and has it been tested? There's all kinds of references to News so it seems like a bit of a hack job.

    Edit: A small update. I started from scratch with a clean test SF4 install and performed the same steps to add the Products Module. This time it installed, adding "Products" to the Content Menu. So I think my issue is that I need to know how to properly uninstall my previous attempt at a Products module so that this one will install. Can someone help out with proper steps for removing a module?

  • Hello Phill,

    There is currently no support in the API to uninstall a module.

    Basicallty, you have to delete everything you created during install.

    There is a little chance of collision, unless you have the old module registered in /SystemConfig/ApplicationModules.

    the Telerik team

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  • Hi Dido,

    So how do I go about deleting everything that was created in the install? To install my module I added it to System>ApplicationModules and to uninstall I hit the trash can next to the module. It removed it from that list but it's still listed in the Content Menu. I made the big mistake of not testing this first on my test site/database so I really need to know how to remove it from this current site as it's got weeks worth of content entered, the products module is the last step before I launch it.

    Can you provide me step by step process of ensuring a module is completely removed? From removing from settings, the config files, tables in the database and importantly from any menus.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Phill,

    This is a problem related to the fact that we don't have an uninstall procedure for the modules.We have a task logged for fixing this issue. Currently you can remove the module from SystemConfig.config located under App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration folder. The first time you installed the module it is registered the in the backend, backend pages are created and the data is persisted in the database.  When you make application restart the application detects that thisbackend page exitst and doens't install it anymore. You have to manually delete this page from the Administration>Backend Pages menu

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  • Hi Ivan,

    Again, can you give me some steps on how to do this? When I go into my SF 4 (release version) admin, click on Administration > Backend Pages it takes me to a screen with a big warning and then I click OK to continue. After that it just takes me back to the Pages section of my regular content. How do I actually remove the menu item?

    I have to assume this is the one thing that's preventing my new module from installing and since I've done these steps previously clicking on the current "Products" item in the menu gives me an error so I have to find a way to remove this. Can I do it manually? Could you point me to the table in the database that would have this field?

    Thanks again.
  • Hi Phill

    You have to delete the references to the module from ~/App_Data/Sitefinify/Configuration/

    There are quite a few files that are modified by the module installation

    and probably some others.

    Kiril Jovchev
    Software Architect
    UOMA OY | Merimiehenkatu 36 D | FI-00150 Helsinki |

  • Hi Krili,

    Thanks for the help but I've checked all files and no references to "Products" remains yet it still appears in teh Content menu. I'm 99% sure this last bit that I can't remove is stored in the database. I'm just trying to get Telerik to tell me where to look.

    Thanks again,
  • Hi

    Did you try to recycle the application pool?

  • I've recycled app pool, rebooted machine, cleared browser cache, tried on browser that had never been to backend pages of this site before, still there... It's gotta be in the database somewhere, just what table and what field and can it be easily updated?

  • Hello,

    to remove your module, first remove your module's reference in SystemConfig.config.
    After in your database, remove your module's tables.
    And at last, delete the module information in [sf_schema_versions] table.

    I don't know if it's a clean solution, but after you can re install your module with module's tables.
  • Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for the tips but I've already removed the module from SystemConfig.config, removed the tables from the database and the "products" item is still in my Content menu. The sf_schema_versions table only has one entry which is Telerik.Sitefinity.Model, nothing relating to my attempt at a custom products module.

    Bump to Telerik... there has to be someone on the Sitefinity Team that knows where this data is stored and how to remove it, until you have GUI for removing a module can you not share it with us? It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Phil,

    The Content menu is showing the Products because the backend pages created during module installation still exist. You have to delete those manually from Administration > Backend Pages.

    You still may end up with garbage in the meta fields table.

  • Hi Nikola,

    Thanks for the response. So how can I safely clean up my database? I've now got a SF4 site in production that's missing a product module that was promised to the client because I'm not able to install my module. The site is populated with too many pages to start over (and again, it's live) so how do I clean up my SF 4 install so that I can install my custom module?

    I'm sure there have to be other users who would like to know and if they haven't hit this road block yet I'm sure they will eventually.

  • Hi Phill,

    I have the same problem and I think I need to do a UnInstall class here. Unfortenly I don't get my module visible in the admin menu.

    Anyway so I found some info in these tables
    [@Name='sf_page_node' and @Schema='dbo']/Data
    [@Name='sf_page_node_attrbutes' and @Schema='dbo']/Data

    The problem is that they have relation between them so it hard to delete the posts.

    Shouldn't Telerik team have any UnInstall class to share with us?