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Server Control Embedded Resources on live server

  • Server Control Embedded Resources on live server
  • I have created a server control that embeds the images and css into the resource file. I have made sure that the following is true:

    resources are marked as embedded resource
    I have included them in the assemblyinfo.cs 
    I have put the <%= Webresource("Namespace.Resource.path")%> reference into the css
    I have included a ResourceLinks control to embed the css in the page
    I have tried both UseEmbeddedThemes set to true and false

    On localhost, It resolves resources properly. The control works as expected in all aspects.  When I move it to production, It is not resolving the resources into the WebResource.axd url as expected, but instead uses the namespace path specified in the css. 

    Any thoughts on this? I have looked at it too long. I hate when my developers tell me "Well, it works on my machine".


  • Hi John Tolar,

    You have to set Static property of the Resource file to true:
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    <sitefinity:ResourceLinks runat="server">
        <sitefinity:ResourceFile Name="SocialWidgetsContrib.Resources.SocialWidgetsContrib.css" AssemblyInfo="NewsRotator.Rotator, NewsRotator" Static="true" />

    Static resources will not be pulled from the theme folder, but rather a full URL for external or full resource name for embedded resources should be used.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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