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Open News items in a RadWindow popup

  • Open News items in a RadWindow popup
  • Hi,

    I am trying to make the news module display a RadWindow popup when the user clicks on a specific item.

    For now, I haven't find anyway how to use the RadWindow on the page.

    I tried opening a RadWindow from javascript and it worked fine with window.radopen, but the window shows up with no "close" sign!

    then I tried to drag a RadWindow on my page, but I had no idea how to open it from Javascript. for instance I changed its ID and then called radopen with that ID, but it seems to open just a new window that doesn't reflect the properties I specified in the RadWindow.

    Thank you.
  • Anyone?

    How to open a RadWindow with radopen with the "Close" behaviour
  • How are you doing it...usercontrol with a RadWindow, or just dragging the widget onto the page?

    So I assume you defined the behaviors?   If you can get at the .show function that means you can also get at the set_behaviors client event (should be able to anyway) LINK ...there should be no problem assuming you can get a clientside $find reference to the object.

    Personally I don't like using the built-in widgets, they're just the normal controls, almost useless without some code behind...not sure why most are there without custom designers.
  • Hi Martani,

    radopen function returns a reference to the RadWindow object, so it can be additionally configured using the various RadWindow methods. For example:

    var dialog = radopen(url, dialogName);
    if (dialog)

    Note that radopen requires the RadWindowManager to exist on the page, even though you do not explicitly reference it in your code.

    the Telerik team

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