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using ORM in Sitefinity module

  • using ORM in Sitefinity module
  • Hi 

    I think I'm getting my SF and ORM versions mixed up here.

    I used to have an ORM subscription outside of SF, but now the only thing I'm working on with ORM is for a SF module so I haven't renewed it as as far as I understand it I get a full ORM license with SF4?

    I was getting problems with the old version of ORM and SF4 so have set up a new virtual machine to work on, I have installed the whole SF package including ORM and the controls etc. I see the ORM DLLs but I'm not getting the Visual Studio 2010 tools. What is the base way to go about getting these? I am very aware that the versions that ship with SF are not normally the latest product releases.

    Any guidance appreciated.

  • Hello mattc,

    You shouldn't have any problems with mixed versions of Open Access assemblies, because our references are to the binaries included in the Sitefinity package.
    Can you elaborate more about your scenario? When the problem appears: on development or runtime?

    You already got an answer about the ORM license:
    Yes, you have to separately install the Q3 Open Access from here. Note that this is the trial download which will work OK with Sitefinity since we are distributing all necessary binaries and executable in the Libraries folder of your Sitefinity SDK installation. Therefore, you will need the installation only for the Visual Studio Extensions.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Thanks

    I have cleaned off all old versions and installed SF SP1 and ORM Q3 and it works.

    Many thanks