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Login and register against different database

  • Login and register against different database
  • Dear telerik,
        I have the following issue
        I need to create two pages one for login and another one for register a new user
    I have a different database beside sitefinity database
    I need to add the new user when register to sitefinity database and to my bussines database(conatins a membership provider) cause I am using this user in other web applications for complicated business
    how can I do that?

    Mohamed Taraman
  • Hi Taraman,

    You can create a membership provider that you can use in both the applications, so you will have one users storage. We are going to have membership wrappers with Q1 for the ASP.NET based providers. If your other application uses ASP.NET Membership provider you will be able to plug this provider directly into Sitefinity after Q1, otherwise you will have to create a custom provider that inherits from MembershipDataProvider and implement its methods.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team