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  • Is there a way to create recurring events within the Sitefinity API?  For example, I would like to create an event that occurs every Monday.

  • Hi Geoff,

    Yes, this can be created with the API. You will need user interface for this however. 

    The coded approach for recurring event should be the same, that you use for a single event. The only difference is that you will create more than one event (set of events).

    the Telerik team
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  • I was in the same boat you are in for years waiting on Telerik to provide a solution for this same problem (search recurring events).  On my last project I decided to invest $70 in this Recurring Events Components in the marketplace.  It was the answer to all of my recurring events needs and I am very pleased with the service after the sale - the guy actually returned my e-mail on a Friday night and provided the solution I needed early Saturday morning.

    I am now waiting on him to build a component for SF 4 so that I can buy it.
  • Georgi, so if I'm understanding you correctly, your solution to creating recurring events is to loop through and manually create every event?  I just want to make sure that is the simplest solution available provided by the Sitefinity API.  To do this I will need to write logic around days of the week and I was hoping that was already included in the Events API.

  • Hello,

    You can try this.

    1. Create an event.
    2.Create 2 custom fields (type DateTime) for this event)
    3.Inside Application_Start( Global.asax) get the event through the API and check the custom fields. This will allow you to get and set the value of the custom fields.
    For example if field1 has value 11 August, and this is DateTime.Now ( or some date span) you can start the event. If the value is 12 August, you will reschedule the event with one month - you will update the custom metakey and the Event_Start.

    Another option would be working with Event_Start and Event_End directly and update them depending on the value. It would be the same if you use custom fields. The idea of the custom fields would be to see "Last Published"/"Next occurrence".

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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  • Ivan, I'm not sure what you mean by "start the event".  I would like the recurring event to appear for each day it is valid and not have a single event that keeps getting rescheduled.  If I loop through and create multiple events to have an event for each valid date, then there is also no way to do a bulk event deletion without assuming the title of the recurring event is unique.

    Is there any plan to add support for recurring events to the Sitefinity API?

  • Hello ,

    I am talking about the same event item. You only work with its dynamic data. This does not require to create a new event.

    There are plans to add this functionality out of the box and provide UI for it, but we have not scheduled a time frame for it. We will review all tasks after Sitefinity 4.1 ( Q1) release.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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