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4.1 SDK and Products Module Update

  • 4.1 SDK and Products Module Update
  • Hey all,

    Thanks to a combination of forum users (who rock), blog postings and Telerik support through ticketing, I've managed to upgrade a module (almost) to 4.1.

    However, I'm seeing that with the new mappings, the title and content fields are not changed on update.  That is to say, if I choose to edit an item in my module, all fields are successfully changed but the title and the content.

    The same issue happens with the Products Module released today through the SDK.

    Is there some mapping bug that's causing title and content not to update on edit?


    - William
  • I am also having this problem
  • Any official response from Telerik?

    I'm hoping something happens over the weekend.  I've been trying to get these modules to work for over a month now.

    Hoping for a quick resolution...

    - William
  • Hello William,
    I confirm there is an issue in the SDK which will soon be corrected and  we will deploy a fixed version. You can quickly fix the problem by changing this in the ProductDefintions.cs and respectively in your custom module definitons.

    The change is in the method:

    private static void CreateBackendSections(DetailFormViewElement detailView, FieldDisplayMode displayMode)

    Go to the defintion of the title field control: var titleField = new TextFieldDefinitionElement(mainSection.Fields)

    and change the

    DataFieldName =  "Title"
    DataFieldName = (displayMode == FieldDisplayMode.Write) ? "Title.PersistedValue" : "Title",

    same for content:  var contentField = new HtmlFieldElement(mainSection.Fields)

    DataFieldName =  "Content"
    DataFieldName = (displayMode == FieldDisplayMode.Write) ? "Content.PersistedValue" : "Content"

    Nikolay Datchev
    the Telerik team
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