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  • I am very new to sitefinity, and I must admit I am a little overwhelmed! My first instinct was to develop a new module to implement my custom requirements, but wow - what a task it is to simply create CRUD for a model!

    I would like to ask an open question; how do you guys go about actually developing a module? I am interested in what extra tools you use? do you debug via iis or straight visual studio host? How do you get around the fact that you can only ever 'install' a module once - how on earth are you supposed to develop the install code?!

    Perhaps I am going about things the wrong way - are you supposed to register all of the views and menu items within sitefinity first, get everything running nicely, -then- write the install code?

    Looking forward to useful tips,
  • Hello lewis,

    Can you please check this link which leads to our documentation where you can find all the answers to your request.

    All the best,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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