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Unable to work on custom module with Sitefinity SDK

  • Unable to work on custom module with Sitefinity SDK
  • Hi,
    I have installed SDK of sitefinity and was trying to work with Sample Module given in SDK, however could not able to even open sample module. I need to create a custom module for backend pages / users, with my own created tables. I got stuck everywhere as there is no such documentation or code available on your forum.In Sitefinity SDK, I am not getting how to start or from where to work upon.
    There is no such implementation available to use my own tables in custom modules. Please do let me know the way, so that I could work on this.
    Please guide me as I don't know what to do now, it has become great challenge for me to work with new release of Sitefinity.

    I am eagerly awaiting response from your side.

  • Hello Fareed,

    What is the sample project you try to run? The only sample project that is featuring how to create a sample that has separate tables to store its content is our Products module for which you can find documentation in our Developers Guide - Creating Custom Module. My suggestion is to also download the latest version of our Sitefinity SDK 4.1 SP1 and try our new Sample Browser.

    If you want to create a module that has its own database table which is independent from the Sitefinity best-practices modules, you can check Josh Morale's blog post on Creating Page-Based Module.

    Please let me know if you have further questions related to our module development. We are constantly introducing improvements of the way custom modules are built, and I hope that with our Q2 release you will experience our efforts in delivering custom modules much faster.

    Hristo Borisov
    the Telerik team
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