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Sdk samples' documentations

  • Sdk samples' documentations
  • When I installed the SDK and extract the samples, only the "Run sample in browser" and "Open in Visual Studio" buttons have been enabled.
    Does each sample come with individual documentation file as well? Cos' all the rest of the buttons are disabled for me.
    I like to read detail documentation for each sample and like to know where I can find them.

  • Hi May,

    The samples used to have their own dedicated documents, but we integrated them in our Developers Guide. Now every sample has an article in our HowTo section that you can find here. We have also updated the SDK Samples Browser with our latest release from yesterday Sitefinity SDK 4.1 SP2 to point to the respective documents, so that there is no confusion on what should be read.

    Hristo Borisov
    the Telerik team
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