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Publish in custom module

  • Publish in custom module
  • I follow the jobs module in SDK to create a custom module, there is no publish option in it. I added publish command and it show "workflow rules do not allow publish" when i try to publish the content.

    I tried to inside code to publish, unpublish, getlive in manager class, but it still same.

    Any help?
  • Hi Toh,

    The Jobs module is aimed to provide a review of content created from the frontend user similar to the Forms module.  It will require lots of modifications to add a backend form and save its contents in the database. Products module have such functionality and it is more of a backend module where the content is created in the backend and displayed in the frontend. You may notice in the jobs module there are no workflow definitions and workflow related classes. Review how is the workflow implemented in the Products module. When publishing content in Sitefinity it goes trough workflow and workflow service as the content can be unpublished and sent for approval.

    Best wishes,
    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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  • Ok thanks

    I already looking into product module and will use it as template to create my own module