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  • Hi,
    from my custom widget I need to create a new document, and I need to select all documents into a specific library.
    Here is my code for the select and it's not working:
                var asset = from p in App.WorkWith().Documents()
                            where p.Library.Title == "Assets"
                            orderby p.Title
                            select p;

    How I can create a new document and listing all documents into a specific library?
  • Hi Julie,

    Here is how you get list of the documents in a specific library(libraryName)
    publicIContent GetContentItem( stringname )
                IContent content = null;
                stringlibraryName = string.Empty;
                libraryName = GetLibraryName();
                var docs = from p inApp.WorkWith().Documents()
                           where ( p.Parent.Title == libraryName ) &&
                           ( p.Visible == true) && ( p.UrlName.ToLower() == name.ToLower() )
                           orderby p.Title
                           select p;
                List<IContent> items = newList<IContent>();
                foreach( IContent item indocs.Get() )
                    content = item;

    To create a document follow the example in the documentation.

    All the best,
    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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