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SDK 4.2 SP1 installer issues

  • SDK 4.2 SP1 installer issues
  • Hi Telerik,

    Mostly minor stuff, but a bit annoying. And one question.

    1. Like the previous release, this one installs all files except license.rtf to the c: drive, no matter what I want. I prefer not to have so much on the SSD system drive, so I choose to install to the next/bigger drive. The SDK program shortcut also is also fixed, once I move all miscopied files to the location specified during installation.

    2. Please digitally sign the SDK program file in your upcoming releases, much nicer..

    3. I install the SDK to have all resources except the Telerik dev-tools, which I already have, usually a bit newer as well. Will any SDK-features be skipped/disabled if I invoke custom setup and deselect the dev-tools?

    4. The installer fails in the end if I leave the dev-tools selected, already having those installed. (looks like the automated installer ORM is causing trouble)

    (btw - all other Telerik products seems to behave well during custom installation)
  • Hi Olav,

    1. Yes you are right the SDK files always get added to the default drive since mostly the modules installed with the SDK are configured to seek enhancer.exe in the default installation directory.

    2. Can you elaborate more on this suggestion. What will be the benefit of adding digital signature to the installer?

    3. Yes only the selected tools will be installed. If you have outdated version of one of the selected tools a newer version will be installed (this will not remove the previous).

    4. I am not sure why you get this error. I have tested to install only the dev tools prior to having the SDK installed and the installer informed me these product is already installed.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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