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RadScheduler won't insert information

  • RadScheduler won't insert information
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    Good day,
         Trying to get RadScheduler to work and all appears fine but when I try to insert information I get nothing, no errors or no information appears.  I have attached the code. Also on the properties for RadScheduler I have, under Behaviour, AllowDelete, AllowEdit and AllowInsert all set to true. I have checked permissions on the database itself and everyone can modify it. If I watch the directory where the database is stored, once I click on Save I see the .ldb file (using Microsoft Access)created but then nothing is tossed into the database itself.

  • Hello Rob,

    You need to generate Update, Delete and Insert statements for the data source. Please, see step 3 from this kb article.

    the Telerik team
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  • Thanks Peter that did the trick, there was couple other things I had to do along with that but is working great now.