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Sitefinity SDK 5.2 Released

  • Sitefinity SDK 5.2 Released
  • We are happy to announce the release of the Sitefinity SDK 5.2. You can now download it from your Sitefinity account. All samples have been upgraded to the latest version of Sitefinity, and we have some new things that you can take a look at.

    What’s New

    • A new version of Telerik OpenAccess ORM
    • A new sample that provides integration of Sitefinity with Akismet
    • A new sample that uses the EventHub functionality in Sitefinity to implement a logger.


    Ecommerce guide

    • Managing the images and documents of a product
    • Configuring USPS shipping provider
    • Configuring the Currency selector widget
    • Configuring the Filter products widget
    • Advanced settings

    Installation and Administration Guide

    • Multiple site management
      • Creating a site
      • Editing sites and setting site permissions
      • Multiple site management in multilingual mode
    • Configuring Dropbox file hosting service

    User guide

    • Personalize a page
    • Configuring the Site selector widget
    • Personalization of the website content
    • Creating user segments
    • User characteristics
    • Editing user segments
    • Personalization preview tool

    Developers Guide

    • Ecommerce
      • Shipping carriers
        • Creating a custom shipping carrier provider
          • Creating a custom shipping carrier provider class
          • Installing and using the carrier provider
          • Predefining carrier services
      • Processing hooks
        • EcommerceOrderStatusChanged event
        • EcommerceCheckoutPageChanging event
      • Checkout
        • Adding custom fields to the checkout widget
          • Modifying the Checkout widget’s templates
            • Modifying the Shipping and Billing Information template
            • Modifying the Preview template
            • Modifying the Order Invoice template
          • Creating the custom fields for CartOrder and Order
          • Persisting the values of the fields in the CartOrder instance
          • Using the new fields

    Detailed release notes for Sitefinity itself can be found at