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Install SDK 6 but Release notes show 5.4?

  • Install SDK 6 but Release notes show 5.4?
  • Has anyone installed SDK 6?  It seems odd to me that after a clean install to a new directory that the home page after starting would show 5.4 release notes.  

    I wonder if I've done something wrong?

    Also, why are the majority of the samples dated 2011.  I realize that the code has been updated but it makes me think not much has been done to the SDK in a while.  My suggestions would be to remove the date.

  • Hi Matt,

    I just got this reply from support. I didn't look into it yet.

    "When you start the SDK, the home screen shows a feed of the release notes for
    Sitefinity. Maybe this is where you notice the 5.4 version. Don't worry about
    this label - you probably have the latest version. To make sure you are running
    6.0, just start one of the samples and check the version when you log into the
    backend. Alternatively you can see the version of the Telerik.Sitefinity