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Defaultworkflows are not loaded properly..

  • Defaultworkflows are not loaded properly..
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    Initially i have installed Sitefinity Standard edition 6.0.4210.0.
    Now i have professional version 6.0.4200.0.

    When i am trying to extract the default workflows from following location it's displaying error as page can not be opened as displayed in the attachment and not extracting the xaml files.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Sitefinity 6.0\SDK\Content\Resources\DefaultWorkflows

    Also i tried to copy one of the xaml file by directly going into compressed 'DefalutWorkflows' folder and pasted in visual studio sitefinity application but there it's displaying error as 'Activity could not be loaded because of errors in th XAML. So i opened the file with XML editor but there are no errors in the file. Still i am not able to view the default workflow content because of this error.
    Could you please help me about this...

    Concerning extracting of the files I am able with success to extract the files tough using 7zip archiver might encounter an issue, if possible use winzip or the built in extractor in windows. I have zipped myself the workflow and you can download the archive attached to the ticket as additonal attempt to get the workflows, refer to the attached

    The error can be caused if opening the .xaml file from website project if you are running sitefinity as website. Open the .xamlx file from a project(class library or sitefinity as web application project) to render the .xaml. If you are using sitefinity workflows that are distributed with sitefinity SDK they are the same as the one embedded into sitefinity assemblies and contain no errors.

    Stanislav Velikov
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