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Sitefinity 6.3, delete approval tracking records

  • Sitefinity 6.3, delete approval tracking records
  • I have a sitefinity 6.3 db with eCom. The eCom is populated with products from a backend db. The problem showed when the import function got a hick-up and looped same products over and over again.
    What's happend is that the table sf_pprvl_trckng_rcrd_sf_pprvl_ now got over 80 millions rows and take up over 8 gb of data.
    The db consists of about 60k products, and since it's a master/live versions I guess it grows rater quickly. Another thing is that the product changes quite alot because of an internal item structure.
    What I now need to do is to disable the approval log for products (if possible) and clear the sf_pprvl_trckng_rcrd_sf_pprvl_ table. Also table sf_pprvl_trckng_rcrd_mp_sf_ppr seems to be involved. IS there any way to do this?

    Found that the reason is that product.ApprovalTrackingRecordMap.ApprovalRecordshave ALOT of versions.

    I also see that I can get the current by calling product.GetCurrentApprovalTrackingRecord

    Is it safe to just delete all records but the current?Just remove them and call save or do I need to do this another way?

  • Hi Jan,

    This forum thread seems to be a duplicate of the following one:

    I have just posted a reply in the above thread. I would kindly ask you to keep the communication in one thread only in order the communication to be more straightforward and structured. 

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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